When people 
ideas connect, great things happen

No Man Is An Island

…is a boutique creative agency where a group of well-connected creative humans work together to create branding and design solutions for start-ups, large corporations and brands across all touchpoints.

When people and ideas connect, great things happenWe believe in the power of a strong, collaborative, creative ‘clan’. This is far more valuable than the power of any individual man, woman or third gendered – superpowers included. Our mission is to shift the focus away from ‘me’ to embrace ‘we’; and in this way, we’re bringing the island closer to the mainland. Connecting the right projects to the ideal skills set of creative minds, dot for dot, allows us to shape beautiful stories that best represent a brand. This, in turn, flourishes and grows to further connect with its followers. What we value most is that a collective stands together, whether in success or in adversity. With a deeply rooted support structure, a group of people can achieve greatness and make the world a better place… one small dot at a time. This is also why we donate a percentage of all profits to selected charities.

We develop strategic and complete sensory experiences for brand-new brands as well as existing ones. We analyse businesses and their competitors in order to develop the positioning and the core concept for any brand’s success.

Good design is the result of an intelligent concept combined with excellent craftsmanship and a strong attention to detail. It is the loyal companion and ambassador of any product or brand.

Digital Solutions
Our mission is to embed a digital first culture across brands, products and businesses that we work with. Guiding them through times of digital transformation to benefit from this new ecosystem is something we are extremely passionate about.

It’s not only about the stuff we make, but the stories we tell. A story or a play on words is a beautiful vehicle for ideas to flourish and linger in the mind. We love telling stories that excite and challenge people and their creative environments.

Motion Design
Motion brings images to life. It not only adds vibrancy and dynamism but also helps the storytelling process. We animate and move anything from logos and key visuals to demo movies and video content.

Whilst a picture is worth a thousand words, sound can trigger emotions in an instant. As sound is playing an even greater part in communication, whether as an auditive interface or product design, we believe it should be a part of every brand. Badum-tish!

Connecting the dots

We love diversity; and we believe processes should be flexible, according to our clients’ needs. That’s why our workflow is dynamic, unique and different for every project.
  • Connect

    1 Connect: First, we'd like to get to know you and your business. We want to hear about your hopes and dreams, your goals and fears.

  • Collaborate

    2 Collaborate: We believe in the power of working together. ‘You’ and ‘me’ become ‘we’ and our superpowers join to achieve greatness.

  • Create

    3 Create: Here, our (super)powers of imagination and our blood, sweat and tears bring the idea into existence by thoroughly examining the why, the how and the what.

  • Craft

    4 Craft: We take great pride in making sure that all the carefully placed dots have been properly connected, the t’s are crossed and the i’s dotted.

  • Conclude

    5 Conclude: The foundation for success has been laid; now it’s up to everyone involved to get engaged. Think of it as the beginning of a beautiful story, with your brand as the main character.

  • Care

    6 Care: No Brand is an Island! We offer our continuous support in ensuring the success and development of the work created, watching it grow and prosper.


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