Bittenfruit // New York-based startup Bittenfruit creates high-quality artist-designed stickers for iPads and MacBooks. We were very fortunate to join forces with the Bittenfruit team from the very beginning. This allowed us to create the name and brand from scratch – we even designed some of their stickers. Bittenfruit (and we, of course) believe in empowering creators, which is why the majority of stickers are created by professional artists and designers who receive a generous share of the income from every sticker sold. This brings an even greater focus to each artist-crafted design and its colour palette, which, in most cases, brings a splash of colour to Bittenfruit’s pure, yet subtle grey and white brand. They make the artist the hero by taking the back seat.

Disciplines: Advertising, Branding, Digital, Packaging, Print, Product

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