Create Great // You could interpret the term ‘Create Great’ as the yin and yang of modern creative culture. There is very little that differentiates these two words, not only in spelling but also in inspirational meaning. Together the words ‘create’ and ‘great’ form a powerful concept. Both words can stand alone as a call to action; but add a noun or an adjective to them and the final outcome becomes one of infinite possibilities. What started as a simple play on words developed into a project with a solid collective involvement that went viral. As Berlin is one of the largest political and creative hubs in Europe, we wanted to inspire and engage the local community to find out what people from both the creative and traditional spheres are passionate about. Neighbourhood buildings were turned into analog social network walls where passers-by could express their ideas and opinions, or simply use the space to advertise their work. Local artists were invited to share their ‘Create Great’ interpretations and sketchbooks were handed out to further encourage people to create great things. Most of the work was showcased on a blog which turned into a varied collection of great creations.

Disciplines: Branding, Digital, Environmental, Print

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