SIMON // Founded by Karl Simon in 1925, the company started as a producer of components for the clock-making industry. Today the SIMON Group is a leading manufacturer of metal products, ranging from car parts and studs to heavy industrial components and machinery. This ‘Mittelstand’ business, which focuses on the B2B market, consists of five different areas of expertise that act independently from one another but also join forces on various projects. SIMON approached us to create an entire new brand architecture and hero logo/symbol that not only represents all of its five companies but unifies them too. Creating an international (English) brand with a large focus on employer branding was one of the main tasks. Keeping the SIMON history and current company structure in mind, we designed a system based on industrial cogs and gears that all turn individually and in unison – just like clockwork. When joined, these parts unify to shape and produce something stronger, bigger and better.

Discipline: Advertising, Branding, Digital, Environmental, Print

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